Romance Review: Angel by Laura Lee…you must buy this book!

Angel by Laura Lee

Published by: Itineris Press

Format: Paperback ARC/Kindle PDF

Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by: Judith

2 years ago, I was at Book Expo America for the first time, generally walking around a big open space in a book daze. People would look at my badge, see “Reviewer”, and thrust books right into my open hands. Free books were everywhere! And I took them ALL! Thank god I did because little did I know that I held in my hands a book that was to become my top M/M read of all time. I’m serious here. This book is the one I urge everyone to read.

I’ll give you fair warning now: Angel isn’t a flashy book; there’s no crazy drama or gorgeous hunks. There’s no fantastic sex, trash talk, or impossible situations. There’s not even a happily ever after. But what there is, is a finely crafted love story which really spoke to me on a deeper level than I could ever describe adequately here. All I can say is you must give this book a chance and hopefully it will touch you as deeply as it did me.

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Let’s rant about NA!

Hi, guys! 2014 is coming to a fast and ignoble end and finally it happened. We’ve hit that point – you know that point. The one we hit where we’ve read so many books, this time of the New Adult variety, that quite a few commonalities have begun to surface and we just can’t take it anymore. We have to rant! Let’s just jump right into this shall we cause we can’t hold off and be nice any longer. BTW this is so NSFW or people under the age of 18 or anyone but us really cause we are all about to start swearing and talking about girl bits and it won’t be pretty.

You’ve been warned.

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Romance Review: The Backup Boyfriend by River Jaymes

The Backup Boyfriend by River JaymesThe Backup Boyfriend by River Jaymes

Published by: Amazon Digital Services

Format: Kindle Edition

Genre: M/M Romance

Reviewed by: Judith

Will a hot doctor and his sweaty mechanic ever get their acts together to turn a fake relationship into something real? Heck YEAH and it is hot hot HOT!

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YA/NA Review: How to Repair a Mechanical Heart by JC Lillis

how to repair a mechanical heartHow to Repair a Mechanical Heart by JC Lillis

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services Inc

Format: Kindle edition

Genre: Contemporary YA

Reviewed by: Judith

Score: 10/10

Let me tell you a secret: I’m not sure why but I had it in my head that I didn’t like this book. Don’t look at me like that. Stop. Let me explain. I have a notoriously bad memory and it told me (repeatedly) that I’d tried How to Repair a Mechanical Heart before and for whatever reason, I just didn’t like it. No idea as to why and no idea where that came from but that voice inside of me kept whispering this crap for ages and it WAS WRONG! Dead wrong. Now, I don’t admit mistakes often – I’m an Aries, we’re perfect…and beautiful and wonderful and funny and amazingly humble – but I’m stating it for the record now, mea culpa and all that. This book is fabulous. No, wait. It’s more than that. It’s so cool that I’m sure in some alternate universe I have neon glitter pink font and some blinking gifs of celebrities screaming at anyone who will listen in order to show what an excellent read this is…cause it truly is!

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NA Review: The Year We Fell Down (The Ivy Years Book #1) by Sarina Bowen

The Year We Fell Down by Sarina Bowen

Series: The Ivy Years

Publisher: Rennie Road Books

Format: Kindle edition

Genre: Contemporary NA

Reviewed by: Judith

Score: 8/10

This book is home to the three S’s of New Adult lit: solid writing, sucky situations, and sexy broken hockey players…

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In the Company of Shadows: Evenfall by Santino and Ais

Evenfall Volumes I and II by Santino Hassell and Ais

Series: In the Company of Shadows

Published by: self-published

Format: Mobi

Reviewed by: Judith

Genre: Sci-Fi, Romance, and M/M

Final score: 9/10

As you guys know, I’m kind of helpless at finding new stuff to read. Correction: seriously hopeless to the point where every few weeks I whine and beg and plead with Ellen, Onni, and anyone who will listen for recs of their favorite books. It’s annoying, I know, but a girl’s gotta read!

It was nearing that time again when a really intriguing cover caught my eye on the “best of” lists of one of my favorite blogs (namely Boys in Our Books).  It was for this book called 1/27 anthology and the cover was just vague enough to make me wonder. I had never heard of it and the BIOB “best-of” list is exasperating in that you can’t click on the photos and be immediately thrust onto the buy page of the book. But after a bit of investigative work, I discovered that 1/27 anthology was actually part of this series called In the Company of Shadows. And better yet, it was a many volumed series and was free! So I downloaded the first two halves of Book 1, Evenfall and dove in. HOLY CRAP was I not expecting that ride…

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Blog Tour: Love at the End of Days by Tera Shanley

Love at the end of days
Love at the End of Days by Tera Shanley

Series: Dead Rapture #2

Publisher: Omnific Publishing

Format: Uncorrected arc

Reviewed by: Onnica

Genre: Fantasy

Score: 9/10

Exactly one year ago, I wrote about how much zombies scared me and for that reason, I never read anything about them. I think I also stated that because of Tera Shanley, I am now somewhat of a convert. She’s back with her follow-up to Love in the Time of the Dead and now we get to see where the survivors we met in book one have ended up.

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Cover Reveal: Love at the End of Days by Tera Shanley

Love at the end of days
Love At The End of Days
Release Date: October 14th, 2014


Love zombies? No, me neither, although this series may actually convert me. Above, is the new cover for Love at the End of Days (book two in the Dead Rapture series) and having read it (I’m lucky like that) I can honestly say it’s awesome! My review will be posted later next month.

If you fancy getting your hands on a copy, head over to Goodreads and enter the Omnific competition.

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New Book Push: The Write Stuff by Tiffany King

If you haven’t heard of Tiffany King, you are missing out on one of the sweetest, most enthusiastic writers in the business! This girl has it all – she’s that rare combination of sweet, sassy, happy go lucky with the added bonus of being a really good writer. It’s rare to meet someone with a heart of gold but seriously, if you were to use that expression in relation to authors, she’s the first one that comes to mind. And now, this awesome lady has a new book out. YES! She writes feel good stories that linger long after they’re over and this newest one is no exception.  Here it is! (Plus HOLY SEXY BOOK COVER):

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Review: Silver Wolf Clan by Tera Shanley

SWC CoverSilver Wolf Clan by Tera Shanley

Publisher: Lyrical Press

Format: Kindle ARC

Reviewed by: Onnica

Genre: Paranormal

Final score: 9/10


Without getting too schmaltzy (being the cynical and anti-schmaltz Brit that I am) I have THE best hobby. I get to hang out on social media talking about books, connecting with really talented authors and again chatting about books! Last year I read Love in the Time of the Dead by Tera Shanley and even though it was about zombies (my bête noir) I was hooked! Ever since, I’ve been stalking her following her career and now I’m really happy to be able to share book one in her new series Silver Wolf Clan. It’s out today.

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